FPS monitor: how to track your PC game frame rate with an FPS counter

Track the frame rates of your PC games with this free FPS counter. Use a hardware monitor to optimize your gaming setup and boost FPS.

Last updated on the 23rd of August 2022
FPS monitor: how to track your PC game frame rate with an FPS counter

How do you track your game FPS? One of the greatest benefits of PC gaming is the ability to boost frame rates to levels that console players can only dream of. And with the right FPS counter, you can track your in-game frame rates to ensure that you’re wringing every ounce of performance from your graphics card, CPU, and all the other components in your PC.

Velox hardware monitor

That’s where Overwolf and this free hardware monitor comes in. Velox is an easy-to-use tool that lets you track your frame rate as you play, with an overlay that provides live data on how your system is coping with the demands of whatever game you’re running.

Armed with that information, you can work to boost FPS and optimize your gaming PC. You might decide to adjust the game’s graphics settings, tweak your resolution, or upgrade your machine in pursuit of better performance (and if you do, be sure to check out our up-to-date GPU comparison list 2022 and CPU comparison list to discover the best components at the best prices).

So, how do you get started? First of all, rate your PC here on PCGameBenchmark to find out in seconds how your system will handle the latest and the best PC games. We’ll tell you which games you can run, how your machine stacks up against the system requirements, and show you which PC upgrades would give you the maximum performance gains.

Then, you just need to head to Overwolf and grab Velox. Once installed, you’ll be able to use the FPS counter to detect even the most subtle of mid-game hitches and stutters, as well as using Velox’s hardware monitoring capabilities to track the utilization of your CPU, GPU, and RAM. It'll even display the temperature of your components, so you can see if your PC parts are feeling the heat.

Velox PC monitoring

That information is especially important when you’re playing competitively, where dropped frames can be the difference between victory and defeat. Velox’s built-in ping tracker is another valuable tool in these situations, as a high ping can result in a noticeable lag between your inputs and the game registering an action.

A good FPS counter and hardware monitor is also valuable if you’re chasing the dream of 4K gaming, since even the most powerful of gaming PCs can struggle to render demanding games at UHD resolutions. Tracking your PC’s real world performance using an app like Velox is one of the quickest ways to identify whether your machine is hitting your desired frame rates, as well as how much headroom your components have should you want to crank up the level of detail.

Think your PC is already as good as it can be? Rate your PC now to discover how many of the top 1000 most popular games will run on your rig, and see if there’s a component that might be holding your machine’s performance back. Once you're ready to play, download Velox here.