Best Gaming Keyboards 2022

What is the best gaming keyboard for a PC gamer?

Here at PCGameBenchmark we have reviewed more than 70 gaming keyboards. Whether you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard under $100, a wireless gaming keyboard or the best budget gaming keyboard we will help you find the best headset for keyboard for you.

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What is the best keyboard for gaming?

There are a few essential features you’ll want in a keyboard for gaming.

  • Anti-Ghosting: This allows multiple keys presses to be registered at once, critical in some games where you need to be pressing more than one key at a time.

  • USB Passthrough: Simply a USB port built into the keyboard. Makes it easy to quickly pop in a USB Stick or plug your wired gaming headset in.

  • Macro Keys: Programmable keys that can be set through software to perform a certain key combination, useful in games such as MMOs.

  • Backlighting: Obviously this doesn’t give you a competitive advantage but it looks nice! It's a common feature even on budget keyboards, ranging from single color lighting to RGB. The more expensive keyboards may allow the colour to be changed on each individual key. Razer Keyboardsare well known for their backlighting - check our Razer Gaming Keyboards review page.

Do I need a mechanical keyboard?

Most gamers prefer a mechanical keyboard - under the keys there are real switches that click down to register a key, as opposed to a membrane keyboard which just consists of plastic underneath the key that makes contact with a circuit board. They are much more tactile to use, and you’re less likely to miss a key press. Despite this there are some serious membrane gaming keyboards available, and some people may prefer membrane as they find mechanical keyboards are too loud at night.

What are the different mechanical key switches?

Mechanical key switches can be put into 3 categories - Linear, tactile and clicky.

  • Linear: The key moves smoothly throughout its travel from top to bottom. Linear switches are recommended for fast-paced games such as FPSs. One popular linear key is the Cherry MX Red.

  • Tactile: There is a resistance halfway through the key travel where the key activates. One tactile key is the Cherry MX Brown.

  • Clicky: There is a resistance halfway through at which point the key activates. If it is pressed all the way down there is then an audible click. One clicky key is the Cherry MX Blue.

Keyboard Form Factors

There are a number of form factors available on gaming keyboards. Here they are explained.

  • Full Size: This is the standard keyboard layout, with your number pad and other keys. If you’re playing a game that has many key bindings then this is the keyboard you’ll want.

  • TKL (Tenkeyless): This keyboard is a smaller version with the number pad and other keys removed. In some cases TKL mechanical keyboards can be cheaper due to their smaller size meaning cheaper manufacturing. However some games make use of things such as the number pad, so bear this in mind.

Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Wireless gaming keyboards are less popular but there is still a market for them. They can help if you're trying to go for a clean, minimalist setup due the lack of wires. And battery life is not something you need to worry about too much - with some having up to 200 hours typing time. There are some great wireless Corsair Keyboardsavailable. Check our Corsair gaming keyboards review page.

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